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When working on a new project, I always find myself looking for a social media icon pack. Finding one that matches my design is never an easy job, but I almost always want the most simple icons– no sketchy nonsense, no mad gradients or reflections, just the official logos. So I took it upon myself to have a go at creating some, and now I have a little resource for myself to use over and over and for anyone else who might make use of them.


What you get

A bunch of Social Icons that I find myself needing all the time. All created using the amazing Sketch app, they are vector based so you can scale them perfectly. I’ve included the following formats:

  • .esp
  • .png
  • .pdf
  • .svg

I have also included the original .sketch file incase you feel like trying it out for yourself. (There is a free trial available, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Mac exclusive tho, sorry PC users.) So have fun and let me know what you think! If there are any requests for other icons, shoot me a message. Credit not needed but always nice. Have fun!

(27929) Downloads