Now that you’ve selected a WordPress theme, we need to upload and install the theme so it is applied to your website. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide and video on how to install your Tink Tank theme.

Step 1 – Downloading your theme

Click the download button on the theme you have chosen. It will begin to download and save to your Downloads folder.

Step 2 – WordPress Dashboard

Log into your WordPress Dashboard by logging into your website via Once you’re in the Dashboard, go to the left sidebar and select Themes from the Appearance menu. Then click the Install Themes tab. Appearance » Themes » Install Themes

Step 3 – Uploading the theme

Now it’s time to upload the theme we downloaded in Step 1. Click Upload then Choose File. Select the zip file within your Downloads folder and then click Install Now. Upload » Choose File (Select your file) » Install Now WordPress will now upload the theme and unzip the files.

Step 4 – Activating the theme

Once your theme is successfully installed, you will see the message “Theme installed successfully”. Below this message, click Activate. Your theme is now activated. Don’t be alarmed if your website doesn’t look perfect yet—most WordPress themes require some post-installation setup. This and other helpful information can all be found within the “theme overview” video at the bottom of each individual theme’s page.

Step 5 – Have a brew

You are all done. Your theme has been uploaded, you are ready to take on the world. Maybe pop the kettle on first?